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Lucie Dudová
27. 8. 2021
We have been cooperating with DataScript for several years and we have always been satisfied. The portfolio of courses offered reflects the current needs of the market. DataScript has a wide range of lecturers / experts, it can also tailor training. Lucie Dudová (L&D Partner), O2 Czech Republic a.s.
Martina Šuráňová
24. 8. 2021
With DataScript s.r.o. we have been cooperating for several years in the field of development of our employees and we are satisfied with the services. The company provides quality courses in various areas, follows trends and also greatly appreciates the pro-customer approach. We are always informed about news and our requests are processed very quickly and we try to meet our needs. We also appreciate Morning Talks events. Martina Šuráňová (Learning and Development Specialist), Embedit
Karolina Manka
23. 8. 2021
We have been working with DataScript on multiple training requests. The cooperation has been successful and we've had really good experience working with the company and especially with Olga Motlikova, who has been very helpful and it's always a pleasure to work with her. The feedback received from the participants on the trainings was positive. Looking forward to working with DataScript in the future. Karolina Manka (Training Manager), Accenture
Andrea Kučerová
23. 8. 2021
We are satisfied with the DataScript company, cooperation and communication when ordering training works great. I also really appreciate the helpfulness in dealing with appointments and special training for our employees and timely information for training. Andrea Kučerová (ICT Administrator), Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna ČR
Vladimír Spurný
20. 8. 2021
When teammates come up with new buzzwords or start talking about new technologies that are interesting and especially beneficial after adoption, I'm looking for a way to learn more about them in a short time, so I recommend themed Morning Talks. This is not a slideshow and I won't even meet snake sleepers here. On the contrary, there are so many "IT guys" in the room with expertise that in a joint discussion I will get an answer based on practical experience, and everyone can choose from the prepared breakfast. The connection of theory with the practical part is handled very well by lecturers. The standard of a quality supplier is the offer of courses in several levels, with Datascript it is no different. Personally, I like companies that raise the bar even higher in the form of holding regular thematic conferences. Vladimír Spurný (DevOps Engineer), Česká spořitelna, a.s.
Ladislav Prskavec
19. 8. 2021
I spoke at the Test Stack 2019 conference organized by Datascript on the topic of Testing Cloud Infrastructure. The whole event was very well organized and the whole lineup of lectures gave the participant a great insight into all the different areas of the field. As a lecturer, I will be happy to participate in other events if I have something to pass on to the participants. Ladislav Prskavec (Public speaker)
Jindřich Kubát
15. 8. 2021
I have been working with Datascript for several years. I have always greatly appreciated the professionalism of the entire training and conference. Personally, during the training I met only with leaders in the field, who work with Datascript as independent lecturers. The trainings were always full of information and practical procedures. Therefore, after several years of cooperation, I decided to get involved as a lecturer. Jindřich Kubát (Head of Development CoE), Komerční banka
Jakub Pavlik
15. 8. 2021
I have been using and working with datascript for over 5 years. I perceive as the greatest added value mainly experienced lecturers, who belong to the top experts on the market. Furthermore, the creation of courses, which focuses on practical technologies around open source and helps to keep up with the latest trends in IT technology. Jakub Pavlik (Director, Engineering), F5 Volterra
Jiří Riedl
10. 8. 2021
In Datascript, you will always come across top capacities in the given area, not only during trainings, but also during regular morning talks. Unlike training centers, where you just go for fancy paper, in Datascript you really learn something - that's why I've been sending my developers (and myself with them) here for several years. Jiří Riedl (Head of Development), BootIQ s.r.o.
Martin Piekov
30. 7. 2021
Datascript provided us with courses for AWS Developer, Cloud Practioneer, Architect, dockers, elastic search. All courses were at a high professional level and we took away new skills and new horizons opened up for us. The courses, which were held on the company's premises, were carried in the spirit of hospitality. We have very correct relationships with Dataskript employees, where we are proactively inquired about suitable courses, they have always met us. For us, DataScript is the first choice for IT training. Martin Piekov (Technical Architect), CCW, s.r.o.
Radek Kulkus
12. 7. 2021
A well-coordinated DataScript team prepares trainings and courses on topics that resonate with the IT market. The environment and technical equipment are usually ready to great satisfaction for all types of events. The atmosphere is very friendly. The big benefit is that the lectures are led by seasoned speakers, with experience from interesting projects who know what they are talking about and have something to say. I can only recommend DataScript, whether you are a speaker, an individual looking for knowledge in a specific area of IT or you are looking for training for the entire technical team, for example in a corporate company. Radek Kulkus (Account Manager), Data Force
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