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Štěpán Čmok
2. 12. 2021
DataScript is the only company I've ever experienced that they actually work with feedback. They dealt with my subjective dissatisfaction with the training practically with me until my body tore ... :-) Thanks for the approach! Štěpán Čmok (LinoTruxer - building Linux environment), Česká spořitelna
Eliška Habrová
6. 10. 2021
I really appreciate communication with DataScript. I have always met with nice and friendly behavior. There is an amazing cooperation with Mrs. Bořilová within the whole process of ordering training. Training participants are always excited about the information gathered. Thank you for the great cooperation and friendly approach. Eliška Habrová (Talent & Capability Support), Vodafone Czech republic a.s
Michal Kárník
24. 9. 2021
I have been working with Datascript for a long time. I like the constant search for new topics, new lecturers and the subsequent preparation and constant development of my own training. Personally, I also appreciate the focus on the world of open source. Professionalism and flexibility in the case of on-site training is a matter of course. I like "training tastings" Morning talks and conferences focused on current trends where I like to meet other IT specialists. Thanks for doing well. Michal Kárník (CIO), AIMTEC a. S.
Michal Titěra
23. 9. 2021
DataScript does a really good job in its field. The guarantee of success is its unique model of education, which includes a completely free educational breakfast, excellent conferences and courses led by people from practice with real experience. One can start with a free tasting and then surely choose the right course or conference. I recommend DataScript to all IT companies and interested individuals. Michal Titěra (Department Manager), CertiCon a.s.
Robin Pánek
23. 9. 2021
I have worked with DataScript for several years and I especially appreciate the wide range of training and flexible approach in an effort to always meet our needs even during the covid period. Robin Pánek (Contract Management and Purchasing Specialist), O2 IT Services
Drahomír Chvoj
20. 9. 2021
At Datascript, we appreciated not only free Morning talks, but also professional training for professional products, which we found only at this company at affordable prices. Thanks to that, we have been cooperating for several years. Drahomír Chvoj (IT Director), První novinová společnost a.s.
Marek Leš
20. 9. 2021
The structure of the courses is well established, practically focused, and in case of questions it goes beyond the official scope. The trainers are well prepared and understand their topic very well. All colleagues who took part in the courses were thrilled. Marek Leš (ICT & Security Director), Mall Group
Pavel Tenk
20. 9. 2021
Our company has a relationship with DataScript not only as a customer, but also as a partner that provides instructors, especially for Veritas / backup products. In both directions, from my point of view, the cooperation is absolutely perfect. I can only confirm that whether we participate in the training as a customer (training participant) or a lecturer, the whole event is always flawlessly and professionally prepared by DataScript. Pavel Tenk (Technical Director), STORAGE ONE, a.s.
Jan Horáček
20. 9. 2021
For those who want to stay in the picture and out of their narrow bubble (or broaden the view within their narrower focus), Morning Talks from Datascript is a great achievement. Unlike most meetup events, it is in the morning and therefore the information is much better perceived. At the same time, it allows you to discuss the topic with others during your morning coffee. A great start to the day, which broadens horizons and moves on. At the same time, the repetition of topics allows you to follow the shift in the topic and possibly follow a course that can go much deeper. Attention, a great risk is the acquired desire to move further in your field :-) Jan Horáček (Senior System Administrator), Livesport s.r.o (drive Etnetera a.s.)
Pavel Juška
19. 9. 2021
All courses I took at DataScript have always been at a high professional level. I also appreciate the professional organizational team here. In particular, the above-standard approach of Mrs. Věra Bořilová, who is always willing to solve all specific requirements to their full satisfaction. Pavel Juška (ICT Systems Engineer), ČEZ Distribuce, a.s.
Jiří Bláha
17. 9. 2021
At DataScript, I have received several Red Hat trainings in the past. All took place at a high level in a very friendly environment. I must also highlight the training organizers (managers) who are trying to meet the needs of customers and solve their problems. Jiří Bláha (IT specialist), Global IT Center
Markéta Šístková
17. 9. 2021
DataScript Services s.r.o. we have been using it for our programmers, administrators, testers and their managers since 2017. Our employees have participated in many open courses, conferences and courses tailored to us. DataScript s.r.o. we can recommend not only for their expertise, but also for the helpful approach and cooperation in organizing the training itself. Markéta Šístková (Education Specialist), ČD - Informační Systémy, a.s.
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