Conditions for the use of cookies

DataScript in connection with the operation of the website automatically processes so-called cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is created by visiting each website. Cookies store data on the use of the website, and also serve for communication between the user's computer (ie mobile phone or other similar device) and the server of the website. By using cookies, it is possible to adapt the content of the relevant websites to individual users, without, however, identifying a specific user.

We use two basic types of cookies, namely temporary, which are automatically deleted when you close your internet browser and permanent, which remain on the end device of the website user.

As part of improving the functioning of the site, we use so-called technical cookies (used to ensure the proper operation of the site, then the so-called functional cookies (used to facilitate the user's work) and also the so-called analytical cookies in their anonymized form.

The user declares that this consent is given voluntarily, aware of all information, especially the above data, which will be stored in cookies on his terminal device. This consent is provided by the user until revoked.

The user can revoke his consent to the use of cookies at any time, as well as prevent their storage through the settings of the Internet browser. However, if the user prevents the processing of mainly technical and functional cookies, some functions of the website may be disabled.

Cookies help us provide our services. By using our services, you agree to their use.
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