New courses september


We have prepared three new courses related to OS and the cloud.


Istio Service Mesh (ENG) 

In this course you will learn how to control the flow of traffic and API calls between services, test various failure scenarios, automatically secure your services through managed authentication, authorization and encryption of communication between services, apply polices and ensure that they’re enforced, and observe everything with rich automatic tracing, monitoring and logging of all your services.



CI/CD: end-to-end solution for on-premise applications

The course aims to describe in detail the creation of a complete DevOps stack on the ARM64 platform and to demonstrate one of the many ways to install and use selected CI / CD tools and ecosystem of services needed to run and manage applications. The course focuses on build, deployment of a model cloud-native GO application from source code, through build and deployment in several environments and subsequent monitoring. The course also includes a description of the ARM64 platform and multiplatform image build. The described applications and principles are not strictly bound to ARM64, but they can be used without problems on the x86-64 platform.



Application security and multi-cloud networking

New trends in the operation of applications, driven primarily by containerization and without running traditional servers, have a significant impact on how applications are designed, networked and secured. Network policies and policies can no longer be managed only at the classic level of network elements. Existing tools designed to protect against attacks called WAF (Web Application Firewall), but they can not protect against errors and communication of the applications themselves and their APIs. This creates the need for a new security approach focused on applications and their API communication.



Datascript Team 

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