Get Trained in Datascript and Upgrade to Advanced AWS Partner


You can find all Associate, Professional and most of the Specialty courses in DataScript, authorized training partner of AWS since 2013! Become Advanced AWS Partner with our training. As an APN partner, you can register with special conditions and you get a certification voucher for free.

You can start soon:
AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials - 12.4.2021 G, 10.5.2021, 7.6.2021
AWS Technical Essentials - 26.4.2021 G, 24.5.2021, 21.6.2021
AWS Business Essentials - 7.6.2021

Courses for APN Partners

Associate level
Architecting on AWS - 27.-29.4.2021 G, 25.-27.5.2021, 22.-24.6.2021
System Operations on AWS - 13.-15.4.2021 G, 8.-10.6.2021
Developing on AWS - 25.-27.5.2021 G
Advanced Developing on AWS - 18.-20.5.2021 G

Professional level
Advanced Architecting on AWS - 23.-25.3.2021 G, 22.-24.6.2021
DevOps Engineering on AWS - 22.-24.6.2021 G

Specialty level
Security Engineering on AWS - 25.-27.5.2021
Big Data on AWS - 13.-15.4.2021
The Machine Learning Pipeline on AWS - 13.-15.4.2021
Planning and Designing Databases on AWS - 13.-15.4.2021




AWS Certifications

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