Morning talks

Morning talks are technical based events according to the new technologies and frameworks. They are available only on the Czech version of our website. If you are interested in some of them, don't hesitate to contact us. We are able to prepare Morning Talks on-demand in English directly for you!

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Karel Jedlička
13. 1. 2021
Infrastructure monitoring using metric data - The lecture was nicely conducted. The lecturer was ready and experienced. A simple presentation highlighting the important, presented in an understandable form. Very good. Karel Jedlička, (Developer), Avast
Pavel Samek
13. 1. 2021
Infrastructure monitoring using metric data - Well prepared presentation. The topic is discussed theoretically - with an explanation of the terminology used and practically with code samples. Pavel Samek, (IT Admin) REDASH, a.s.
David Glivický
8. 12. 2020
Interactive data analysis with Apache Spark - It was inspiring.
David Glivický (Developer), K2 atmitec
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