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Terraform and Packer - unified management of your clouds

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The course is prepared for anyone who manages cloud infrastructure and does not want to prepare it manually. Terraform is a tool for unified infrastructure management in cloud services. It can prepare, modify, or drop a cloud or local infrastructure - including dependencies between components. One universal tool can be used to manage the infrastructure in different cloud environments. Packer is a tool used to prepare images of virtual machines for Terraform - again for different cloud providers and using various configuration tools - from Ansible to Zsh scripts. We will use Terraform and Packer during the training on practical examples.


Cloud administrators which want to move forward to their automation even more cloud environments. 

Course guarantor

Jiří Broulík

Jiří develops applications based on Blockchain technology and ensures their operation in public clouds. He currently works at KompiTech. He previously worked as a cloud engineer at Mirantis and was responsible for the design, deployment and management of cloud solutions such as Openstack and Kubernetes. In his free time, he enjoys family and sports.



1. Packer 

  • Image creation
  • What does Packer actually do?
  • Installation, configuration

2. First crash

  • Packer first start and first image
  • Basic parts - builders, variables
  • Provisioners - virtual machine configuration
  • Post processors - transformation of the result

3. Recommended practices

  • JSON templating
  • Makefile
  • Image parameterization


1. Terraform

  • First configuration
  • Infrastructure as a Code concept
  • First configuration file
  • Creating and destroying of the infrastructure

2. Terraform basics

  • Providers - Cloud, Multi Cloud and Local Services
  • Resources 
  • Outputs - Using Terraform run results
  • Resource Dependencies
  • Parallel Processing

3. Infrastructure Parameterization

  • Variables
  • Data lookups

4. Persistence

  • Statefile - state of the infrastructure
  • Dependency graph
  • Targeting - managing only part of the infrastructure

5. Modules

  • Create and use a custom modules
  • Terraform Module Registry

6. Work in a team

  • Shared status
  • What to do when things go wrong?
  • Variable sharing between infrastructure pargs
  • Workspaces
  • Git and Terraform

Prerequisites of the participant

  • Basic infrastructure knowledge - networking basics, load balancers, virtual machines.
  • Command line basics.
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an advantage.
  • You can use your own laptop or provided computer for work.

Used technologies in labs

  • AWS
  • Packer
  • Terraform

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Michal Matějka
12. 10. 2023
The training was brisk and to the point. As a person who has been in IT for some time, I was very satisfied with the directness, speed and purpose of the information. The lecturer has a noticeable overlap in related topics, as it is possible to find suitable analogies from other fields. In general, I am very satisfied with the combination of balancing humanity and practicality. One does not feel like a lecture, but has the opportunity to discuss the issue with the lecturer. But all information is at the level of pure data, no unnecessary chatter and coloring. This significantly increases the volume of transmitted information per unit of time.
Overall, I can highly recommend the training. Michal Matějka, Kyndryl
Luděk Páleník
23. 6. 2023
The "Terraform and Packer" training was very beneficial. A number of examples and "best practices" were discussed, which helped to understand how to use Terrafom and Packer correctly and also what not to do. I was very satisfied with the course and content of the training. Luděk Páleník, Direct Pojišťovna
Michal Kavalčík
26. 5. 2022
Terraform and Packer education was very valuable. It helped me to understand all principles of IaC using Terraform, Packer and AWS. I recommend this training to everyone who is planning to start using Terraform for management of his infrastructure. Michal Kavalčík, MSD
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