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Starting the Linux administration

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11. 11.12. 11. 2021

The course extnds and deepens the basic knowledge and skills in Linux operating system usage, which are at the same time prerequisites for the course. During the course, the participants build systematically skills needed for middle and high-level Linux system administration.

Target group

  • Linux-oriented system administrators
  • non-Linux system administrators, who need to lap over into the Linux area
  • IT professionals, whose work is not primarily the system administration, but which get eventually in touch with Linux systems

Course goals

  • to deepen the previously mastered basic skills in Linux-or
  • to gain higher-level system administration skills
  • to make the participants acquainted with the problems of system security in the broad scale from authentication up to network communication
  • to get to know how to work with complex block devices
  • build the capability to install the system by the unattended way
  • to teach the participants how to install, get running, configure, secure and monitor some frequently used network services


  • users and groups, local and network-based centralized authentication, rights delegation using su and sudo
  • enhanced access control, POSIX, ACL and SELinux
  • basic security techniques and introduction to PAM
  • working with packages and repositories, yum and rpm, troubleshooting the software installation
  • basic system setup and configuration, chronyd, ntpd and hostnamectl
  • networking setup and primary security of the network communication, firewall
  • block devices and their use, partitions, RAID, LVM
  • automated installation, kickstart
  • Authentication and authorization using Kerberos and LDAP
  • Basic types of issues and elementary troubleshooting
  • KVM virtualization basics
  • installation, configuration and security of the network-based service, https and smb
  • introduction to iSCSI
  • NFS and Samba – network access to the data sources

Participants entry qualification

  • working with command line interface and bash
  • basic knowledge of the operating system structure – kernel, modules
  • working with software packages
  • basic operations with the filesystem objects

Study materials

Printed slides provided.

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