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Monitoring system Icinga 2

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1. 12. 2. 12. 2021
18. 1.19. 1. 2022
23. 2.24. 2. 2022

The Monitoring system Icinga 2 course is suitable for infrastructure and system administrators who are considering to deploy the system to supervise the applications. It is suitable for administrators who want to migrate from Nagios or an older version of Icinga 1.x to the new version. The course is practically focused. After the introduction to the basic concepts, we try to add our own systems and services to the surveillance together. We take advantage of the new features of Icinga (templates, etc.) so we could keep the configuration as small and arranged as possible. The second day we install and configure Icinga to an empty operation system, and join with two machines. Finally, we talk about other available modules, features and add-on tools that can extend Icinga. We also look into the Icinga cluster. By the end of the training, participants will be able to deploy and configure Icinga, and be able to consider whether it is suitable for deployment in a given scenario.


  • IT infrastructure administrator
  • Operations teams


By the completion of this course, the participants will know:

  • basic architecture of Icinga
  • write his own testing plugin and verify its functionality
  • add and adjust configuration of monitored machines, services and notofications
  • install Icinga and web UI
  • use best-practices for the configurations of Icinga
  • configure basic Icinga cluster
  • where to find the documentation


  • Instroduction to Icinga
    • UI and basic concepts
      • sign-in to web UI
      • Host, Service
      • ServiceGroup, CheckCommand
      • Contacts, ContactGroup, Notification
      • acknowledgments
    • architecture of monitored system
      • Icinga 2 core
      • IDO - Icinga DataObjects
      • UI: Icinga classic a Icingaweb2
      • CheckCommand - testing plugins
      • API
    • testing plugins
      • how to use plugins
      • where to find excisting plugins
      • how to write own plugin
      • pasive tests
    • instalation sources
      • where to find current version
      • where to find teh documentation
      • relationship between Nagios, Icinga 1 and Icinga
  •  basic configuration
    • configuration modification, adding machines and services
    • variable in configuration
      • global and local variable
    • usage of rules “apply” for monitored services adjustment
    • preparation and definition of own testing plugins
  •   instalation
    • instalation and konfiguration of monitoring kernel
      • basic configuration
      • configuration of extending attributes
      • IDO configuration
    • instalation and configuration of extending UI
      • connection of UI and kernel
      • connection with web server
      • authentication
    • extending tools
      • charts - PNP4Nagios
      • time series data
      • configurations of notifications
      • adding of mobil application 
  •  cluster and HA
    • basci concepts of Icinga cluster
      • monitoring zones
      • API endpoints
      • top-down configuration of monitoring cluster
    • cluster usage for high available supervision
  •  discussion, questions
    • where to find modules
    • other add-ons
    • where to find the isntructions and how to read them
    • best-practices for configuration and installation
    • how to upgrade from Nagios, Icinga 1


  • basic knowledge of UNIX or Windows shell
  • basic networking knowledge (PING, HTTP, SSH)



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