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Kubernetes operations - infra, build and deployment

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24. 11.25. 11. 2021
11. 1.12. 1. 2022

This course provides additional resources and training for our Kubernetes basic and advanced courses. We are focusing on running production apps in Kubernetes cluster and providing additional guidance for extending the cluster with must-have features like LMA, backups and multicluster deployment scenarios.

There’ll be  multi-node cluster provisioned for everyone and we’ll demonstrate cluster installation as well as installation of additional LMA tooling. Best practises and security threats will be taken into account and demonstrated on the clusters. Our goal will be to join all clusters in a single multi cluster environment and ship applications using CD pipelines.

Target audience:

administrator, dev/ops, infrastructure architect, system engineer


  • basic Kubernetes knowledge
  • using command line and SSH
  • elementary networking


  • Demonstration ways to install and upgrade Kubernetes cluster
  • Present various LMA tools
  • Kubernetes cluster security
  • Build and deployment pipelines and best practises

Course autor

Tomáš Kukrál


Tomas develops the edge cloud platform based on Kubernetes at Volterra. In the past, he worked for Mirantis and was in charge of designing Kubernetes clusters and delivering them to their customers. In his free time he is involved in parachuting and cycling. In the beginning, Tomáš prepared the course and created practical labs. Currently, the course can be taught by various instructors.


Kubenetes cluster

  • Installation
  • Basic component of control plane
  • Public Kubernetes offering
  • Terraform vs native tools


  • Collecting logs from containers, nodes and control-plane components
  • Sending logs to Loki
  • Promtail and fluent/d/bit
  • Analysing logs from containers and infrastructure
  • Best practises for loggin


  • Prometheus federace, metric filtering
  • Grafana, Alertmanager
  • Managing alerts with Karma
  • Visibility for usage of container resources
  • Etcd monitoring


  • Building images from source code
  • Container registries
  • Signing and validating images
  • Deployment
  • Using CRD
  • ArgoCD, Argo Events, Argo Workflow
  • Tekton pipelines
  • Deployment tooling comparison
  • Using operators for application ma


  • Restoring cluster configuration
  • Disaster recovery and moving application between clusters
  • Sending application backups out of the cluster


  • Security scanning and vulnerability analysis for container images
  • Encrypting Kubernetes objects
  • Kubernetes audit
  • Authorization and authentication for cluster application
  • RBAC rules and best practises
  • Best practises cluster configuration
  • Certificates for Kubernetes control-plane and node
  • Certificate rotation
  • Kubernetes certificate signing


  • Routing traffic in multi-node cluster
  • Calico networking
  • Encrypting traffic with Wireguard
  • Sniffing and debugging pod traffic
  • Debugging kube-proxy iptables rules
  • Networking policies


  • Intercluster communition
  • NetworkPolicy in multicluster environemnt
  • Deployment orchestration
  • Synchronization of resources in multiple clusters

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Jiří Jelínek
23. 8. 2021
The lecturer is obviously a person from practice with a lot of experience. These are not theoretical lectures, but everything was presented live, sometimes on variously old paws and thanks to that, including online debugging of problems. One has seen not only what tools and procedures can be used, but also what can be a problem with their deployment and how to debug it. We could try almost everything on our own paws (if we wanted to), for me full satisfaction. Jiří Jelínek, Mavenir
Adam Morávek
24. 2. 2021
An excellent addition to the Kubernetes Advanced course. The course showed the experience of a lecturer who provided a comprehensive part of his know-how in not only the installation, management, monitoring and security of Kubernetes clusters, but also very interesting examples from the field of Continuous Delivery. Adam Morávek (Integration specialist) Trask Solution
Michal Kárník
24. 2. 2021
Again excellent training from Tomas full of well-prepared labs, recommendations and personal experiences. Michal Kárník (CIO), Aimtec
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