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Apache Kafka

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This course will help you gain the knowledge and skills needed to use Apache Kafka as a developer, architect or system integrator. Basic concepts of Apache Kafka are presented together with advanced topics.

Target audience

  • Developers
  • System integrators
  • System architect
  • Project manager
  • Administrator

Course objectives

  • Components that make Apache Kafka
  • Kafka cluster architecture
  • Communication strategies supported by Apache Kafka
  • Lambda architecture
  • Kappa architecture
  • How to make Kafka cluster resilient and performant
  • (Realtime) streaming
  • Kafka API
  • Kafka Connect technology, making pipelines using Kafka Connect
  • Monitoring Apache Kafka
  • How To make message producers and consumers using various programming languages

Course outline

  1. Multifaceted Apache Kafka
  2. Typical usage of Kafka
    1. Kafka streams
    2. Lambda architecture
    3. Kappa architecture
  3. Kafka: Message broker on steroids
    1. Why message brokers?
    2. Communication strategies
  4. Microservices
    1. Classic architecture
    2. Stateless and stateful microservices
    3. Communication between stateful microservices
  5. Apache Kafka as source of events
  6. Apache Kafka as message broker
  7. Basic concepts
    1. Messages in Kafka
    2. Topics and partitions
    3. Append-only log
    4. Topics with multiple partitions
    5. Partition replication
    6. Consumer groups, clusters, multiple brokers
    7. Retention policy
  8. Controlling Kafka from command line
    1. Starting Zookeeper and broker(s)
    2. Zookeeper configuration
    3. How Zookeepers know about each other
    4. Number of zookeepers
    5. Broker(s) configuration
    6. Starting server
    7. More brokers
    8. CLI producers and consumers
    9. Other standard CLI tools
  9. Clients for Apache Kafka
    1. Go producers and consumers
    2. Java producers and consumers
    3. Python producers and consumers
  10. Kafka Connect technology
    1. Examples of Kafka Connect connectors
  11. Monitoring Kafka
  12. What happens when some brokers crash?
    1. Topic replication
    2. Leader and followers

Required knowledge



Technical requirements

In order to go through this course you need:

  • PC/Notebook with good Internet connection
  • web brower
  • console/terminal
  • any text editor


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Daniel Veselka
12. 10. 2023
Apache Kafka training provides a high-quality introduction to event processing with practical examples. Daniel Veselka, Deutsche Börse
Jan Feller
12. 10. 2023
The training was very pleasant and accessible. The lecturer was a professional who knew how to pass on his knowledge to people who know nothing about Apache Kafka or have only basic knowledge. He discussed the entire issue from the basics to advanced "pearls" and interesting things from practice. In case of any question or difficulty, the lecturer was very helpful and willing to give advice, solve the situation or direct to the correct solution of the given LAB. At the end of the training, I felt very enriched and with the feeling that I already know my way around the given topic and can start applying the acquired knowledge in my work practice. Jan Feller, Embedit
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