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25. 11.26. 11. 2021

In this course, we will become familiar in detail with microservice architecture. Based on my personal experience, from small companies to big corporations, I'll help you suggest optimal architecture and related processes for the effective development and operations of microservices. The course is adapted to attendees and the complexity of your solution. 

We will walk thru development and operations best practices for microservices. On real examples, I'll show you several concrete solutions based on microservice architecture. From designing local business problems to design systems based on microservices for mid to big companies. We will also touch Domain-Oriented Microservice Architecture, a solution designed for thousands of microservices.  

You will learn all necessary processes needed for the successful adoption of microservice architecture, such as Testing, Automated deployment, DevOps, API management, Monitoring, etc. You will learn how to use microservice architecture to design resilient and sustainable system.


  • Application developers
  • System Architects
  • IT Manager
  • IT Professionals


Participants will learn:
  • Introduction to MS Architecture
  • Understanding the development of a distributed application
  • How to Implement CI / CD, Agile Development, Monitoring, Service Discovery
  • From application development, through testing to deployment and real-time traffic
  • Best practice when running critical applications that must work non-stop

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Jindřich started his career as a backend developer in the basement of a small garage company when the word "startup" was an unknown term. Most of his career is related to Internet Mall, where he grew up from developer to the Head of Development. At Mall, among other things, he helped establish Agile development, DevOps culture, transition to Microservices and helped many clever people to grow up into senior technical or management positions. Now Jindřich has been working as a Head of Development in #komercka, leading about 500 developers and DevOps transformation. In his free time, he is helping companies with the transition to microservices in cooperation with Datascript. Jindřich has trained dozens of courses with excellent average evaluation and had helped few companies with a billion in revenue.


Monolithic architecture

  • Cons and pros
  • Definition of the point where it's good to start thinking about microservices
  • Best practices for effective development

Microservice architecture

  • Description of microservice concept
  • Cons and pros
  • Typical examples
  • Dekomposition of the monolithic system
  • Transactions in the distributed system
  • Microservice Security
  • Advanced problems during development
  • CQRS and Event Sourcing
  • DOMA – Domain-Oriented Microservice Architecture

Communication patterns

  • REST
  • Events
  • GraphQL
  • gRPC

API Management

  • API Versioning
  • API Gateways
  • Service mesh

DevOps culture

  • Responsibility in the Development and Operations
  • Environment automation
  • Technical means vs Mindset
  • Experience with implementation of DevOps culture


  • Recommended tests for microservices
  • Integration to the deployment process
  • Test automation

Continuous delivery

  • How to start with CI/CD
  • Best practice / Bad practice
  • Different examples of the deployment
  • Zero Downtime Deployment


  • How effectively monitor microservices
  • Observability vs Monitoring
  • Alerting
  • Experience with implementation of detailed application monitoring

Service Discovery

  • Importance of SD in the microservice system
  • SD as a centre of a microservice ecosystem 

Patterns for building resilient software

Technical requirements

  • Online computer / tablet course registration can be connected online for training
  • Preferred note program or notepad
  • General knowledge of programming (the course is not focused on a specific programming language)
  • General knowledge of information systems design
  • General knowledge of development methodologies (Waterfall, Agile
  • We will not program during the course.
  • During the course you can (depending on the composition of the participants) paint simple diagrams of architecture or IS design.


  • General Knowledge of Database Systems
  • Knowledge of HTTP
  • Knowledge of JSON format
  • Knowledge of agile development

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