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Artificial Intelligence in Your Company: Two-day Practical Workshop for Enhancing AI Competencies

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The training will focus on the use of functional commands, template creation, image command generation, and advanced data analysis techniques using AI, supplemented with practical examples and collaborative analysis and evaluation. During the training, you will learn basic and advanced command writing techniques, including the logic of creating commands for AI and effective utilization of ChatGPT.

Imagine gaining a deeper understanding and practical skills in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) over two intense days. Our experts will guide you step by step through the basic principles and applications of AI, so you can utilize these technologies in your everyday practice. Get ready for an intensive two-day workshop that will open doors to the world of practical artificial intelligence, enabling you to leverage its full potential in your company.

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Target Audience:

  • Professionals looking to delve into the secrets of AI and harness its potential in their work.
  • Managers and business owners seeking effective ways to improve operations, increase savings, and foster growth through AI.
  • AI enthusiasts wanting to learn more about the possibilities of utilizing these technologies to optimize work processes.

Course Objectives:

  • The aim of this workshop is to provide participants with solid foundations in AI, acquaint them with the latest trends and technologies, and demonstrate how they can apply this knowledge in their companies and organizations.
  • We will focus on practical exercises and group discussions to help you:
  • Understand the practical application of AI and its integration into corporate processes.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency for yourself and your team.
  • Discover new, innovative approaches to addressing work challenges.

What You'll Take Away from the Course:

  • Deeper understanding of AI: Discover what AI can offer your company or business.
  • Practical skills: Learn how to effectively use AI tools and technologies in your projects.
  • Innovative thinking: Open doors to new possibilities and ways to address both common and less traditional work situations.


Day 1:

1. AI Journey Through Time

We will explore the fascinating history of artificial intelligence, from its origins to the present day. We'll uncover the factors influencing its development and the obstacles it had to overcome on its path to today's sophistication.

  • We have over 50 years of AI history with us, not only how it has evolved and what has limited or accelerated its development and usage.

2. How AI Works

  • Using a simple example of "pegboard puzzles," we'll demonstrate how AI processes information and learns new things. This interactive activity will help you better understand the basic principles of AI functioning.

3. Industrial Applications and Live Demonstrations

  • How AI is transforming various industries through examples of simple algorithms and applications.
  • Discussion on the current state and future possibilities of AI usage, along with a brainstorming session.

4. Introduction to Working with ChatGPT

How can ChatGPT advance your company or business? We'll explore the opportunities offered by large language models (LLMs) and focus on practical uses of ChatGPT in your company.

  • Introducing yourself using ChatGPT.
  • What is an LLM and what does GPT mean?
  • Inspiration for using ChatGPT in a corporate environment.
  • Why ChatGPT sometimes fabricates and how to avoid inputting sensitive corporate data.
  • The practical part will demonstrate the basic capabilities of ChatGPT and why it's useful to "play" with ChatGPT.

5. Advanced Techniques and Practices with ChatGPT

We'll learn how to compose an effective prompt that ChatGPT understands. We'll also address what to do if ChatGPT doesn't understand you and explore the possibilities of using this technology in your work environment.

  • What is a prompt? How to compose one?
  • What to do if ChatGPT doesn't understand you.
  • Outlook for 2024 - digital twin.
  • How to maximize ChatGPT's potential?
  • How to utilize ChatGPT in your work environment.
  • Risks and limitations: Where AI is your ally and where it can catch you off guard.
  • The practical part will show you what types of prompts exist and we'll try everything out on practical examples.

Day 2:

1. Building Highly Functional Commands

We'll focus in detail on the logic of creating commands for AI so that you can create prompts that deliver specific and useful results.

  • Introduction to the logic of creating commands for AI.
  • Outlook for 2024 - video generation.
  • Common mistakes in composing commands.
  • How to write an effective prompt and get the most out of ChatGPT.
  • The practical part will help you anchor command creation and create your own prompts (commands), and we'll try out 110 advanced prompts to simulate different personalities.

2. Advanced GPT Features

We'll discuss what's free within ChatGPT and what's paid for, compare ChatGPT 3.5 and ChatGPT 4 versions, and focus on new possibilities brought by 2024.

  • Outlook for 2024 - quiz: recognize the real voice from the synthetic one.

3. Data and Document Analysis with ChatGPT 4

We'll show you how to use ChatGPT 4 for data analysis in various industries, and we'll try everything out practically.

  • How to analyze data using ChatGPT 4.
  • How to analyze CVs, proposal analysis, and contract checks.
  • We'll show practical examples and conduct joint testing for maximum inspiration in your workflow.

4. Image Generation with ChatGPT 4

We'll delve into "image prompt engineering" techniques to teach you how to generate consistent and relevant images using AI. Together, we'll learn to create visually appealing images for presentations or marketing.

  • How to write an image prompt.
  • How to generate consistent images using AI.
  • Practical examples and joint assignment completion in teams.

5. Building Your Own GPT (AI Assistants)

How to turn ChatGPT into an assistant for anything? We'll learn how to select, set up, and utilize your own GPT for maximum usefulness in your projects.

  • What is your own GPT?
  • How to set up GPT to be maximally useful.
  • How to find the best GPT for your needs.
  • What GPT can be connected to.

6. What the ChatGPT mobile app can do

  • Introduction to the features of the ChatGPT app.
  • How to upload an image to the app and further work with it.
  • Communication via voice with ChatGPT.

7. Examples of other AI tools

We'll expand your horizons with additional AI tools for generating images, videos, music, and texts. We'll explore how AI can fundamentally change the creation of presentations, musical backgrounds, new hits, realistic product photos, and much more.What state is AI video generation in and demonstrations of tools that already do this.

  • How to generate a presentation using AI.
  • Generating musical backgrounds and new hits using AI.
  • Generating AI voice from entered text and voice cloning.
  • Generating realistic product photos.
  • AI search engine with links to resources.
  • AI assistant in the browser.
  • How to summarize any video.
  • Google Bard (Gemini) in practice.

Technical Requirements:

  • Notebook with internet connection

Participant Prerequisites:

  • Just a keenness to learn something new
  • No or minimal knowledge of using AI

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Sylvie Menšíková
25. 6. 2024
The training brought a new insight into the possibilities and use of AI tools. It probably didn't turn my life upside down overnight, but I believe it is/will be beneficial in the long run. Sylvie Menšíková RANDSTAD
Petra Zoubková
25. 6. 2024
Your AI workshop turned me into an AI enthusiast, which I wouldn't have believed the day before yesterday. It was perfectly designed for ordinary users, comprehensive enough in terms of topics, practical tips and news. Thanks a lot! Petra Zoubková RANDSTAD
Markéta Soukupová
20. 6. 2024
Absolutely great and professional AI training. The lecturer is a great expert and is able to excite and lead the group in such a way that everyone is able to function completely independently and the participant is able to stay focused and learn new things all the time. Absolutely perfect training for me and we will definitely continue with others. Markéta Soukupová, Jednota spotřební družstvo ČB
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