Python for Data Science

20. 5. 2021 9:00 – 10:00

What you can look forward to:

A brief introduction of the Python ecosystem and why it got the spotlight compared to other solutions, followed by Data Science principles and its evolution in the last ten years. In the final part, we will investigate how proper Data Science can impact a product.


Key ideas:

  • Python - from scripting to Big Data
  • Principles of Data Science
  • Tools for Data Science and Big Data
  • Machine Learning models: from anomaly detection to Atari Games
  • Abstractions in machine learning that save us time and money
  • Winning principles when designing a Data Science pipeline
  • Key use cases of Data Science in industry


Presented by: Tudor Cebere (OpenMined)

Tudor is an Engineer in the OpenMined community with a focus on Privacy-Preserving Data Science and Machine Learning, working on the edge where data is both valuable and friendly with individuals' privacy.



At present, we have decided to provide you with breakfast in a virtual form. The day before the event, we will send you a link to connect to your email address.
We look forward to your participation, the DataScript team


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