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AD482SP - Developing Event-Driven Applications with Apache Kafka and Red Hat AMQ Streams

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Learn to use Kafka and AMQ Streams to design, develop, and test event-driven applications. Event-driven microservices scale globally, store and stream process data, and provide low-latency feedback to customers. This course is for application developers and is based on Red Hat AMQ Streams 1.8 and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4.6.

Course summary:

  • Describe the basics of Kafka and its architecture.
  • Develop applications with the Kafka Streams API.
  • Integrate applications with Kafka Connect.
  • Capture data change with Debezium.
  • Troubleshoot common application streaming issues.


  • Designing Event-Driven Applications
    • Describe the principles of event-driven applications.
  • Introducing Kafka and AMQ Streams Concepts
    • Build applications with basic read-and-write messaging capabilities.
  • Building Applications with the Streams API
    • Leverage the Streams API to create data streaming applications.
  • Creating Asynchronous Services with Event Collaboration
    • Create and migrate to asynchronous services using the event collaboration pattern.
  • Integrating Data Systems with Kafka Connect
    • Connect data systems and react to data changes using Kafka Connect and Debezium.
  • Troubleshooting AMQ Streams Applications
    • Handle common problems in Kafka and AMQ Streams applications.


Application developers with microservice development experience.


  • Experience with microservice application development and design, such as DO378 or equivalent experience.
  • OpenShift experience is recommended, but not required.

Technology considerations:

  • BYOD classroom environment with access to the shared cluster.
  • A cloud-based classroom environment will also be made available.

Recommended next exam or course:

  • Red Hat Certified Specialist in Event-Driven Application Development exam (EX482)

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