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Basic course for Zabbix users

33.500 CZK

Price (without VAT)

25. 1.27. 1. 2022

Zabbix Monitoring Training course is designed for IT professionals who use or plan to implement Zabbix monitoring IT infrastructure. Course participants performed through practical exercises, step by step, from the installation of Zabbix to SLA monitoring and adjusting JAVA or VMware supervision. Students will be able to individually configure Zabbix Zabbix server and related components. The main goal is to turn this infrastructure investment in a practical helper high recoverable value and not just for IT administrators.


  • System administrators who need to learn basic knowledge of the product Zabbix


  • install Zabbix Server
  • set up data collection
  • manage the configuration of Zabbix server
  • set up Web monitoring script
  • create graphs, maps and reports
  • create and effectively manage Templates
  • set up effective notification
  • basics JMX monitoringOutline

1 Day

  • History of Zabbix
  • Architecture
  • Functionality
  • Installation
  • Zabbix definitions
  • Zabbix WEB interface
  • Data collection
  • Configuration management - templates, best practices
  • Agent-less monitoring
  • Advanced monitoring: trapper, SNMP monitoring, ICMP checks, log file monitoring
  • Inventory auto-collection
  • Command line utilities: zabbix_get, zabbix_sender

2 Day

  • Problem detection - triggers, less sensitive triggers, dependencies
  • Visualization - graphs, network maps, screens, slideshows
  • Events
  • Notifications and escalations - media types, actions, operations, use of macros
  • Automatic recovery - remote commands
  • Zabbix Administration - working time, housekeeper, authentication, front-end scripts
  • Managing permissions - users and user groups, audit
  • Host and host group level maintenance
  • Web monitoring

3 Day

  • Automatic discovery - network discovery, auto-registration, best practices
  • Business level monitoring - IT Services, SLA, reports
  • XML import/export
  • Proxy overview
  • Backups
  • Maintenance and operations - DB sizing, upgrades, release policy
  • Development and release policy 


  • completion of the basic Zabbix course
  • good orientation in general computer terminology, principles of operation of TCP / IP computer networks and common communication protocols
  • knowledge of the basics of working with the Zabbix monitoring system
  • knowledge of monitoring principles of Unix and windows servers, the advantage is knowledge of SNMP, IPMI, Java JVM and VMware.

Studying materials

  • You will receive printed materials on the first day of the course.


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