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Advanced course for Zabbix users

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10. 11.11. 11. 2021

Two-day training for advanced Zabbix administrators. The subject of the training is the interpretation and practice of the principles of configuration and installation of the Zabbix monitoring system.


  • System administrators who want to extend their knowledge of Zabbix


1. day

  • Introduction, Zabbix Monitoring - Reminder
  • Interpretation of concepts, principles of monitoring configuration - reminders
  • Zabbix internal processes, Zabbix Zabbix monitoring
  • Database monitoring using ODBC
  • LAB 1a: Database Monitoring Using SQL Query
  • Advanced monitoring using zabbix agent modules
  • Examples of existing GitHub projects in C language
  • Description of modules compilation
  • LAB 1b: Monitoring MySQL / MariaDB to help
  • Description of LLD for individual MySQL instances
  • Zabbix API and its capabilities
  • Programming languages ​​and Zabbix API - JSON
  • LAB 1c: Configuring a user using the API
  • LAB 1d: API demo - listing of monitored guests
  • Questions and Answers

2. day

  • IPMI assistance - iDRAC
  • OpenIPMI project tools
  • Configure IPMI (iDRAC, iLO) to implement monitoring
  • LAB 2a: hardware tracking
  • Monitoring Java Application Servers using the JMX Interface
  • Working with JConsole
  • Definition of JMX endpoints
  • LAB 2b: JVM Tracking - Zabbix Java Gateway
  • Monitoring VMware Infrastructure
  • Configure VMware for monitoring
  • Monitoring VMware with Perl VMware SDK
  • LAB 2c: VMware monitoring using Perl API
  • Monitoring VMware using zabbix_server
  • LAB 2d: Configuration of Vbware Native Vulnerability Zabbix
  • Questions and Answers


  • good orientation in general computer terminology, principles of TCP / IP networking and common communication protocols
  • knowledge of the basics of working with the Zabbix monitoring system
  • knowledge of the principles of monitoring of Unix and Windows servers, the advantage is knowledge of SNMP, IPMI, Java JVM and VMware.

Study materials

Printed materials will be received on the first day of the course.

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