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DO092 - Developing Cloud-Native Applications with Microservices Architectures


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You’ve no doubt heard about the microservices architecture, but understanding and executing it can be a bit of a challenge. Through a series of videos, this course will introduce microservices, review multiple microservices frameworks and runtimes, and show you techniques to deploy them through a hassle-free DevOps pipeline. We’ll discuss containers, Docker, Spring Boot, NodeJS, .NET, OpenShift, Jenkins, Vert.x, Kubernetes, and much more.

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There is not a prerequisites for this course.


  • Video 1: Deploying Cloud-Native Applications with Microservices Architectures Introduction
  • Video 2: Microservices Overview: What and Why?
  • Video 3: API: Building and Deploying a Microservice (and demonstration)
  • Video 4: Discovery and Invocation (and demonstration)
  • Video 5: Microservices Patterns (and demonstration)
  • Video 6: Circuit Breakers (and demonstration)
  • Video 7: Pipelines (and demonstration)
  • Video 8: Authentication (and demonstration)
  • Video 9: Logging, Monitoring, and Tracing (and demonstration)
  • Video 10: Blue/Green Deployment (and demonstration)
  • Video 11: Canary Deployment (and demonstration)
  • Video 12: Moving from Monolith to Microservices

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