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First steps with Linux

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5. 6. 7. 6. 2023
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The goal of the course is to introduce into the environment of the Linux operating system especially the participants, which have no experience with Linux but are familiar with another type of operating system. The basic course provides a firm elementary platform, which can be further extended in the higher-level and follow-up courses.

Target group

  • users, who want to get to know the Linux used for both the desktop and server environments
  • administrator familiar with other operating systems beginning to work with Linux
  • all others, which need to get solid elementary knowledge as a platform for further widening and deepening in follow-up courses


  • get to know the basic structure and functions of the Linux OS
  • get up how to install the system, do the basic configuration and how to add other optional parts of the system 



  • A short introduction to the Linux history, different types of Linux distributions
  • Fundamental parts of the Linux operating system
  • Functions of the kernel and kernel modules
  • Installation of the RHEL/CentOS class distributions
  • The concept of software packages, package groups and the software installation
  • Interactive environment, command line and graphical environment
  • Boot process, SysV and systemd comparison
  • System login, local and network user accounts, users and groups
  • Shell types, bash
  • User environment customization in bash
  • Basic bash commands, command history, shortcuts, aliases, input and output, commands chaining
  • Introduction to bash scripting
  • Supporting tools, help, man, info
  • Local and network filesystems, mounting
  • The uniform filesystem tree, real and virtual filesystems
  • Browsing the filesystem tree, expansions, object searching
  • Attributes of the filesystem objects. access control using standard POSIX rights and ACLs
  • Introduction to vim editor
  • Monitoring and controlling processes, process priority and process scheduler
  • System services, daemons and on-demand services
  • Monitoring and controlling services
  • System logs, log rotation and archiving
  • Remote access using ssh
  • Working with files locally and using the network



  • basic knowledge of the It terminology (operating system, file, kernel, user, etc.)
  • basic skills in computer and command line use



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Bronislav Pačinek
1. 2. 2023
Great lecturer, he explained everything in detail, but I think 5 days would be appropriate, or split it into half days within two weeks. Bronislav Pačinek, ŘLP CR s.p.
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