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Docker in practice

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23. 11.24. 11. 2023

Docker has become the standard for IT professionals who need to have control over the configuration of their systems' runtime environment, both during the implementation and testing process and afterwards in production deployments. This course focuses on learning about Docker technology and running applications in a containerized infrastructure in general. Furthermore, the instructor will explain the principles and methods of practical use, explaining the actual concepts and best-practices. The course is divided into two main parts. In the first one, we will explain how Docker actually works; we will show you how easy it is to get started. In the second part, we will then focus on actually using the technology through hands-on exercises and group discussion. There will be room for your specific questions throughout the course, and if you wish, we can focus the hands-on exercises and tutorials directly on your specific case. By the end of the course, you will understand how Docker works, how to prepare your own infrastructure not only for development but also for deployment in a production environment.


  • Application developers
  • System administrators
  • IT professionals 


  • Understand the technology and basic concepts of Docker, learn the biggest advantages of using it over other forms of virtualization
  • perform basic tasks in Docker
  • create their own container, learn Dockerfile syntax and best-practices
  • how to easily use Docker during custom application development
  • what are the possible deployment methods 
  • how to link multiple Docker containers together



  • What is Docker and what makes it different
  • Basic concepts and operations in Docker

Docker basics

  • Installing Docker
  • Working with containers
  • Working with "images"
  • Creating a custom image using a Dockerfile
  • How to create Docker Images efficiently and securely
  • Practical procedures in Docker

Practical procedures in Docker

  • Rules for using Docker, how to properly "Dockerize" your own applications
  • Linking multiple Docker image instances
  • Advanced techniques for building images (multi-stage, on-build)
  • Working with volumes
  • How to use Docker for local development and why
  • Container orchestration in Docker
  • Installing docker on a workstation (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX)

 Installing docker on a workstation (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX)

 Our first Docker image

  • Docker from the command line
  • Dockerfile - creating a custom image
  • Docker volumes - linking a local file system to docker 
  • Docker-compose - automation in docker


  • Knowledge of the Linux operating system (working with the command line, knowledge of basic shell tools)

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Eduard Farkaš
24. 6. 2022
I can definitely recommend this course to beginners in docker. For me, it was beneficial mainly in best practices and what to avoid. However, the use of the docker itself was nicely explained and it was better than reading it on the net. Eduard Farkas, Multima a.s.
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