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Docker 101 in Practice

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9. 12.10. 12. 2021
10. 2.11. 2. 2022

Nowadays, Docker has become a very interesting platform for IT professionals who need to have control over the configuration of their systems runtime environment, both during the implementation process and tests, and consequently in production use. The course is focused on its own performance platform, examples of practical applications. Furthermore, the lecturer will explain the principles and methods for of usage and the terminology. The course is divided into two parts. In the first part, we explain you how Docker works, we demonstrate you that it is easy to start. In the second part, we focus through practical exercises and joint discussions on the usage of this technology. You can enjoy the opportunity to put questions, and if you are interested we can focus through practical exercises and consultations directly to your specific case. After the course you will understand how Docker works, how to build your own infrastructure not only for development but also for deployment into the production environment.


  • Application developers
  • System administrators
  • IT professionals


You will learn how to:

  • understand Docker technology and basic concept, advantages comparing to other forms of virtualization
  • perform basic operations in Docker
  • create your own container, learn the Dockerfile structure
  • use Docker during your own application development
  • deploy 
  • connect several Docker containers together



  • What is Docker and his differences
  • Docker basic concepts and operations

Docker Basics

  • Docker Installation
  • Working with containers
  • Working with "images"
  • Create a custom image using Dockerfile
  • What's DockerHub

Practical procedures in Docker

  • Terms of Docker use
  • Connecting several instances Docker image
  • Working with volumes
  • How to use Docker in local development and why
  • Orchestration containers in Docker 
Docker installation on a workstation (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX)
  • Our first Docker image
  • Docker from the command line
  • Dockerfile - create your own image
  • Docker volumes - linking local filesystem with Docker
  • Docker-compose - automation in Docker

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