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Configure with Ansible

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16. 12.17. 12. 2021

Modern IT management is not possible without automation processes today. Here could help configuration management tools, which can be found in the world of open source. Ansible is one of them. Due to its strength and simplicity are certainly the most popular.

With this course "We configure with Ansible" will IT administrators learn how to properly implement this tool into their infrastructure and also learn to use all of its features. Participants will be able to try to resolve several practical situations.


This course is intended for IT administrators to focus on practical deployment and use of the Ansible.


  • to understand how configuration management tools work
  • to learn how to impelemnt Ansible in your infrastructure
  • to learn how to write ansible role
  • to be able to create ansible playbook
  • to know how to link ansible with other systems
  • to take tips from practice


  1. Introduction into configuration management

  2. Principles of functioning
    • Inventory, Roles, Playbooks, ...
    • Deployment options
    • Comparison with the other tools
    • Deploying with WEB GUI - Tower, Rundeck, Foreman
    • Reporting

  3. Preparing the environment for Ansible
    • Installation and initialization of systems
    • Creating SSH keys for communication systems
    • Configuring of Ansible

  4. Working with Ansible
    • Inventory
      • Defining guests, groups, ...
      • Dynamic inventory
    • Roles and Tasks
      • Creating roles and tasks
      • Working with variables
    • Playbooks

  5. Integration with other tools
    • Connection to monitoring, backup and other systems

  6. Solving problems from practice
    • Initialization and operating system settings
    • Installing and configuring the Web server
    • Installing and configuring the database server

  7. Testing before deploying to production
  8. Backup and Recovery
  9. Troubleshooting and advanced features


  • Basic knowledge of Linux operating systems
  • Experienced working in RHEL or CentOS is advatage

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