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React.js fundamentals

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This course is aimed at developers who want to learn how to create modern web apps using React.js framework. In this course you will learn to design React.js components, understand framework principles and get familiar with modern JavaScript ecosystem. The course consists of practical exercises where you can try everything on your own which helps with understanding of the given information. All participants will be able to independently create JavaScript single page applications using React.js framework.


  • Development teams that want to start using React.js
  • Developers who want to learn React.js framework for their work 


Participants will learn to:

  • Design frontent applications using React.js
  • Understand principles of React.js framework
  • Create forms with user friendly validation
  • Using AJAX in React.js app
  • Routing
  • Splitting the app into components
  • Organize stylesheets in the app
  • Writing testable code and testing 



  • SPA applications
  • Modern javascript
  • Using node.js and npm


  • Components
  • State vs props
  • Ajax in React.js

App organization

  • Recommended direktory structure
  • Routing
  • Container and Presentational components
  • Stylesheets


  • App build with create-react-app
  • JavaScript language
  • Prettier 


Experience with programming, JavaScript language and HTML.

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Michal Votrubec
24. 11. 2021
Introduction to the basics of creating applications in React super, just more expensive. Michal Votrubec, ČEZ
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