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Performance testing with Apache JMeter

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The course is intended primarily for testers and developers who want to learn about performance testing. The focus of the course is on testing web applications, but the principles can also be used in other areas (databases, queues, web services, etc.). Load testing has an irreplaceable role in the development and operation of software. Without it, the problems will be reflected in the production environment and will be taken away by your users. Together, we will go through theories and practical examples in Apache JMeter's open-source tool.


The course is aimed at all IT professionals who want to learn performance testing.


Participants will learn

  • Apache JMeter
  • Principles and procedures of performance tests
  • What common mistakes to avoid
  • How to read the results of performance tests


1st Day

Introduction to Performance Testing

  • What is performance testing
  • Why performance testing
  • What areas of performance testing are covered
  • Types of performance tests
  • How to proceed (Microsoft's methodology)
  • How to read test results - metrics and typical patterns
  • HTTP protocol + DevTools

Introduction to Apache JMeter

  • What is Apache JMeter
  • Preparation of a comprehensive test scenario
  • Common components to build a script
  • Functions and variables

 2nd Day

 Advanced Topics

  • Script recording
  • JMeter Plugins
  • Running tests
  • Headless mode (without GUI)
  • Cloud testing providers (BlazeMeter)
  • How to configure
  • Continuous Integration with Jenkins
  • REST API Testing
  • Load distribution from multiple machines
  • Modularization of the script
  • How to customize your components



Basic knowledge of the HTTP protocol and the principles of running web applications (client-server architecture) is expected.

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Petr Kunčar
20. 4. 2022
Very nicely prepared and performed speech. After explaining the material, it was tested and the model project packed up nicely until the final form. If one saved or damaged one's project, the lecturer willingly sent him the current version, on which he demonstrated the material, so that he could continue to pack new features. Petr Kunčar, Tietoevry
Eva Adámková
14. 4. 2022
The training is built so that even a beginner in JMeter can orient himself well and quickly. The difficulty is added gradually. The lecturer clearly explains and repeats the new steps. I leave with a good feeling from the newly acquired useful knowledge. Eva Adámková, VZP CR
Ľuboš Bašista
22. 10. 2021
The course was well prepared in terms of content, divided into logical units with practical examples and exercises. The course begins with the acquisition of basic skills in working with JMeter and creating perf tests and after more complex configurations, various options for launching and reporting, so you can add beginners, but also more experienced users.
Even after several years of experience with perf. testing and working with JMeter found new areas that I learned at the course, so I can highly recommend the course. Ľuboš Bašista, BSC SK, s.r.o.
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