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Jenkins for Developers

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8. 6.10. 6. 2022

This training is focused on SW engineers and IT professionals who want to improve their experiences in process automation and reduction of repetitive manual work. It's suitable mainly for Jenkins users, SW Developers, Testers, DevOps Engineers etc... This training includes not just basic but also advance Jenkins functionalities. Participants are not required to have any Jenkins experiences and its mainly focused on end users. For Jenkins administrators we recommend the Jenkins for Administrators training.


  • SW Developers, who want to implement CI/CD practices in their Software Development Life Cycle
  • IT Professionals looking for automation
  • QA and Test Architects


Participants should become familiar with:

  • how to use basic functionalities and where to configure it
  • understand CI/CD concept and the value of it
  • creating and configuring Jenkins projects
  • utilize some useful Jenkins plugins and which are "must have"
  • configure CI/CD pipelines following "git flow" workflow
  • generating jobs from source code (Pipeline as a Code)
  • developing custom shared library and how to utilize it


Basic concepts - SCM, CI/CD, Testing, CloudBees

  • current Jenkins distribution
  • definition and differences between: Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment
  • parts of CI and CD
  • history of Jenkins

Jenkins Core

  • elementary elements of Jenkins
  • Jenkins plugins
  • terminology

Jenkins Plugins

  • description of some elementary plugins
  • recommended plugins

Jenkins Jobs

  • definition
  • distribution of different kind of Jobs (Freestyle, Matrix, Pipeline, ...)
  • jobs organization in Jenkins
  • jobs configuration and configuration history
  • folder structure of jobs

Jenkins Builds

  • definition
  • elements of builds - repositories, steps, triggers, artifacts,...
  • scripting and its role in builds

Jenkins Artifacts and Fingerprints

  • artifacts description
  • how to use and copy them
  • artifacts retention period and storing them
  • fingerprints description

Repositories, SCM

  • how to use GIT, SCM plugin configuration
  • Jenkins change logs
  • check-in, branches, merging strategy
  • seeding Jenkins jobs from source code by using Job DSL plugin


  • advantages of testing with Jenkins
  • definition of: unit test, smoke test, acceptance test, regression test
  • reports - test run, code coverage, robot framework


  • importance of notification, why to use it
  • types, configuration and usage of notifications

Passwords and Credentials

  • passwords, ssh keys, secrets, ...

Distributed Builds

  • Jenkins agent
  • labels usage

Pipeline concepts

  • Declarative Pipeline
  • Scripted Pipeline
  • Multibranch Pipeline

Jenkins shared libraries

  • library structure
  • library configuration
  • new global functions development


  • Basics of scripting (Groovy, Bash, Python, PowerShell or other scripting language)
  • Basic hands-on knowledge of VCS (Git, SVN)
  • The course focuses on hands-on training with labs, all of them are in cloud so only Internet connection and web browser are needed


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Filip Hakl
21. 1. 2022
Great course, great tutors who can deal with all problems immediately. Filip Hakl, Tipsport
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