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13. 1. 2022
18. 2. 2022

You are working with Jira for some time already and you would like to use it’s potential to maximum< Then this course is right for you. The course will show you differences between types of administrators – sys admin, application admin and project admin. You will find out how to correctly create and manage projects and also how to create advanced workflows with many automated operations involved.

Who is this course for?

This course is meant for users with good knowledge of Jira who want to know more about functionality of the system and they want to prepare themselves for the role of system or project administrator.


  • Differences between Jira Core, Jira Software, Jira Service Desk
  • Types of licencing
  • Types of administrators – Jira admin, Project admin and Sys admin
  • Advanced projects – categories, templates
  • Issue types – what is that, how to use them
  • Complex workflows – creation, automation
  • Custom fields – types of custom fields, work with them
  • Components, labels and other categorization tools
  • Screens – what is that, how to use them
  • Issue security – how to work with this tool
  • Project roles and groups– their signifikance for correct set up of projects
  • Permissions – setting and troubleshooting
  • Email notifications – setting a troubleshooting


The participant has long experience of working with Jira as a user or administrator.

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