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NetApp Portfolio: Exploring SAN Architectures and Configurations (SANARCH)

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In this course, you learn how to differentiate between the SAN architectures in the NetApp portfolio:

  • FAS and All Flash FAS (AFF) systems with the clustered Data ONTAP operating system
  • E-Series and EF-Series systems with the SANtricity operating system
  • FlashRay systems with the Mars operating system


Professionals who implement SAN solutions that use NetApp storage systems


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the NetApp SAN platforms: FAS, AFF, E-Series, EF‑Series, and FlashRay storage systems
  • Describe the NetApp storage architectures: Data ONTAP, SANtricity, and Mars operating systems
  • Differentiate between the NetApp clustered Data ONTAP, SANtricity, and Mars operating systems
  • Configure the Data ONTAP, SANtricity, and Mars operating systems
  • Select the best systems and solution for an application or workload


NetApp SAN Architectures

  • The NetApp Portfolio
  • NAS and SAN Protocols
  • SAN Terms
  • NetApp Hybrid SAN Portfolio
  • NetApp All-Flash SAN Portfolio
  • Exercise – Using the Interoperability Matrix Tool ( IMT)

NetApp Storage Architectures

  • Storage Architecture
  • Performance
  • Management Software
  • Data Protection
  • Exercise – Login to the lab environment


  • FAS Architecture:
  • FAS failover and giveback
  • SAN software and tools
  • Data ONTAP Features
  • Data Protection and Disaster Recover software

FAS SAN Implementation Overview

  • Describe steps to implement SAN for Data ONTAP (both clustered ONTAP and 7-Mode)
  • Data ONTAP Simulator
  • Exercise (Windows 2012 R2, two-node cluster, iSCSI)

SANtricity SANs

  • E-Series architecture and configurations
  • Failover and Failback
  • SAN software and tools
  • SANtricity Features
  • Protection Features

SANtricity Implementation Overview

  • Configuring an Array Overview
  • Simulator
  • Exercise with SANtricity simulator

FlashRay with Mars “Preview”

  • FlashRay architecture and configurations
  • FlashRay Software
  • Mars Features
  • Configuring an Array Overview
  • Exercise – case study or simulator if available

NetApp SAN Solutions

  • The NetApp Portfolio
  • Sizing
  • Data Migration Considerations
  • Exercise – Case Study


A familiarity with the clustered Data ONTAP, SANtricity, and Mars operating systems.

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