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MetroCluster 8.3 Installation Workshop (MCCIIW)

1.800 EUR

MetroCluster software is a unique high-availability and disaster-recovery solution. In this course, you learn how to cable and set up a MetroCluster environment. Using active, participatory exercises, you practice the configuration and verification steps. You also learn to identify component failures and practice recovery steps..


NetApp customers, partners, and employees


This course is an advanced course that focuses on installation, configuration and administration operations around MetroCluster as available in clustered Data ONTAP 8.3

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the major architectural components of a MetroCluster environment
  • Cable nodes, back-end FC switches, and FibreBridge devices
  • Set up bridges and back-end FC switches
  • Configure the clusters at both sites
  • Set up a MetroCluster configuration and serve data to clients
  • Detect and recover from failures in a MetroCluster environment
  • Install and configure Tiebreaker software


Module 1: Overview

  • Define MetroCluster environment
  • List and differentiate between the versions of CIFS
  • List an overview of the installation process
  • Determine how to check hardware compatibility for MetroCluster

Module 2: Cable Connections

  • Configure Shelf IDs
  • Cabling Shelves to Bridges
  • Cabling Bridges to FC switches
  • Cabling Controllers
  • Cabling ISLs

Module 3: Bridge and Switch Configuration

  • List the steps to configure the bridges
  • Describe the steps to configure the back-end FC switches

Module 4: Cluster Configuration

  • List the steps to configure the controllers
  • Describe the steps to configure the clusters

Module 5: MetroCluster Configuration

  • Configure the MetroCluster services
  • Verifying a MetroCluster with Config Advisor
  • Monitoring a MetroCluster with the CLI
  • Monitoring a MetroCluster with OCUM
  • Servicing user data in a MetroCluster environment

Module 6: Failure Scenarios

  • Understand what happens when components fail in a MetroCluster environment
  • Describe the switchover and switchback operations
  • Discuss scenarios of where scripting Data ONTAP interactions

Module 7:Tiebreaker Configuration

  • Describe the Tiebreaker software
  • Describe how Tiebreaker detects failures
  • Install Tiebreaker
  • Describe how to monitor a MetroCluster with Tiebreaker

Additional Resources

  • Appendix 1: Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3.1 New Features
  • Appendix 2: Transitioning from 7-Mode to cDOT
  • Appendix 3: Performance and Simple Troubleshooting


  • 1-1: MetroCluster Overview
  • 2-1: MetroCluster Cabling
  • 3-1: Bridge and Switch Configuration
  • 4-1: Cluster Configuration
  • 5-1: MetroCluster Configuration
  • 6-1: Failure Scenarios
  • 7-1: Tiebreaker Configuration


Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 Administration (D8CADM)

NetApp Data Protection Administration (DATAPROT)

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