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Microservices workshop

34.000 CZK
11. 11.12. 11. 2020
10. 12.11. 12. 2020

Does your app over your head grow? Development takes too long, every change in code generates other bugs, and there are dark corners in the app where developers are afraid to walk in two? A microservices architecture course that offers light at the end of the tunnel is then designed for you.

We will take a closer look at the microservice architecture, clarify the development and operation of the distributed application, tell you what changes in your IT development you need to do to successfully adopt all MS-related patterns like proper Agile Development, Continuous Deployment, Testing, Monitoring, DevOPS. In the final workshop, we will design several variants of robust applications and show you which methods to implement in order to keep your application under control.



  • Application developers
  • System Architects
  • IT Manager
  • IT Professionals


Participants will learn:
  • Introduction to MS Architecture
  • Understanding the development of a distributed application
  • How to Implement CI / CD, Agile Development, Monitoring, Service Discovery
  • From application development, through testing to deployment and real-time traffic
  • Best practice when running critical applications that must work non-stop

Course guarantor



Jindra has been working for MALL for eight years, and has gone through positions ranging from the developer to the head of development. At MALL, he has greatly helped introduce Agile Development, Continuous Delivery, Microservices and is now focusing on the development of DevOps. With Microservices he has been working actively for more than four years and has held a number of expert conferences on the subject.



Monolithic architecture

  • Clarify what monolithic architecture is
  • Description of advantages and disadvantages
  • Typical examples
  • Defining the point when it is advisable to start thinking about Microservices

Microservice architecture

  • Basic description of the microservices concept
  • Description of advantages and disadvantages
  • Typical examples

Agile Development / Product Development

  • Agile development methodologies
  • Team building for product development
  • Monolithic breakdown by service and by product
  • Best Practice


  • The DevOps concept
  • Responsibility of development and operations
  • Automation of the environment
  • Monitoring vs Alerting
  • Sensu - A modern alert tool

Application testing

  • Basic types of testing
  • Integration of testers into the development team
  • Automation of tests
  • Testing source code quality

Continuous delivery

  • How to start with CI / CD
  • Gitlab as a CD tool
  • Typical boot errors
  • Best practice


  • ELK stack
  • ElasticSearch settings for application logs
  • Collect logs from servers
  • What to Monitor
  • Responsibility for monitoring

Service Discovery

  • Description of tools for SD
  • Consul as SD
  • Consul as Key / Value storage
  • Consul templates
  • Demonstration of dynamic scaling of the application using Docker, Consul and ConsulTemplates


  • REST - Full use of the HTTP protocol
  • Return codes
  • Example: A clever API

Service communication

  • Types of communication
  • API gateway
  • Security
  • RabbitMQ

Resilient software design

  • Patterns for building robust failover software for individual components
  • Workshop



  • General Knowledge of Database Systems
  • Knowledge of HTTP
  • Knowledge of JSON format
  • Knowledge of agile development

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