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DevOps - from Theory to Practice

29.900 CZK
3. 9. 4. 9. 2020
19. 10.20. 10. 2020

The term DevOps has been here with us for 10 years and helps companies to transform how they develop and operate applications. There are a number of courses that address the tools that are needed for DevOps approach. However, this course focuses on things that DevOps cannot succeed without, and yet they are often neglected. In order to be successful with your digital transformation, we will talk about the DevOps basics, setting up the right organizational structure and building a corporate culture. All this with real company stories and supported by first-hand experience.


  • IT Managers, CTO, CIO
  • Head of Development and Operations manager
  • Team leaders


  • Identify situations where DevOps can bring a competitive advantage to your business
  • Set up the company organizational structure for DevOps approach
  • Accelerate the process of delivering new features and changes to IT systems
  • Speed-up ​​and streamline feedback from users to developers
  • Set up your business to support learning and experimentation
  • Meet regulatory and safety requirements while maintaining agility

Course guarantor 


Michal has been working in the technology field since the early 1990s as a programmer, analyst, architect and manager. For many years he worked in, later in Mall Group, as the main system architect and subsequently CTO. Now he helps start-ups as a partner of the Reflex Capital fund, and also provides consulting and training in IT. The topic DevOps has been dealing with since the very beginnings of this movement in 2008.


Part 1: Three Ways

  • What problems DevOps can help solve
  • The main theses
  • History
  • Background and context:
    • Lean Manufacturing
    • Theory of constraints
    • Toyota Production System
    • Agile methods of development
  • Three ways to improve: Workflow, Feedback, and Continuous Learning and Experimenting

Part 2: Getting Started

  • Understanding where value is created
  • Conway's law
  • Set up your organization and teams (SRE, cross-functional)
  • System architecture and its evolution from physical servers to server-less
  • Integration of development and operation

Part 3: Accelerating workflow

  • Deployment pipeline optimization
  • Automated testing
  • Continuous Integration
  • Deployment with minimal risk

Part 4: Feedback

  • Telemetry and monitoring
  • Key metrics
  • Effective developer feedback
  • A / B testing
  • DORA report, known successes and failures of others

Part 5: Learning and experimenting

  • Post-mortem analysis
  • Security culture
  • Chaos engineering
  • Dissemination of knowledge in the company

Part 6: Safety and regulatory obligations

  • Security as an integral part of all processes
  • Automation of security and processes
  • Compliance with audit obligations


The course will benefit you if:

  • You have an overview of IT and its processes
  • Your business develops (whether externally or internally) applications and operates them
  • You feel that things are not going as fast as you would like


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